Level 7 - Feculent

This is the first "Boss" level, and earns its name from the composition of the occupants of this dank lair!!! (if you don't know what "feculent" means, look it up in the dictionary, and then think of what the clones are made of :)

1. You start here.
2. There's a machine gun here, but the hidden cache of machine gun ammo hidden behind this pushwall is a handy first stop over if you're starting with only a pistol and 8 rounds.
3. A nice secret area with lots of health (plus an "Artefact of Preservation" for making a savegame if you're on the "Tournament" skill level). You should notice hopefully that most of the secret pushwalls in this level conveniently have a bloodied skull hanging from the ceiling just in front of them - how convenient for you (but not so convenient for whoever it was that provided the skull!)
4. A wall switch ... hmmm, I wonder what it does? The level has been rather devoid of action so far ... well, go on, throw the switch - it's time to get some shooting practice! Just watch your back, OK?
5. After all hell has broken loose and you've dealt with the problem with some hot lead, access this area opened up as a result of throwing that switch. Inside you'll find the bronze key (and some ammo and health to replenish what you lost in your fight to get this damned key!!!)
6. The bronze key will allow you to access this centrally located room where you will be welcomed by a number of clones. Unless you're a glutton for punishment in that you like to promote multiculturalism, spare yourself some grief and eliminate these buggers as they'll refuse to assimilate!!! Once the job is done you can take possession of the blood key inside.
7. Ahhh ... now onto the BIG stuff :)  Go on, open the door with the blood key. But, don't be too entranced by what you see, or it may be the LAST thing you see! The new improved Superclone with rocket launcher awaits you ... you do have your own rocket launcher or an MCS weapon don't you?
8. Once you've defeated the Superclone, pick up the gold key and open the door here. Throw the switch and wait to see what happens. If you've been a stealthy quiet type of fighter and didn't get trigger happy when you first saw the Superclone in his lair, then nothing may happen, but if you made a noise firing your guns back there then there's a good chance someone will be paying you a visit soon after you throw this switch!!! And you thought the Superclone was bad? See point 9 for more details!
9. The lair of the Ultraclone. This guy is tough, and will take some bringing down. But once he's down, don't think he'll just stay that way!!! An Ultraclone can reanimate from death a number of times before staying down for good. Sometimes they won't reanimate at all, other times they will any number of times. Be patient, and be vigilant - you'll eventually stop his reanimation antics, and use the breaks in between reanimatons to stock up on ammo and health. But learn to fear that corpse, for if you return later and find it's not there anymore, then you know he's on the prowl looking for you!
10. Grab the elevator key in his lair and get the hell outta here!
11. On to level 8!
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