Wolfenstein 3D had a sequel in the form of  "Spear of Destiny".
"Spear Resurrection" was our answer to a sequel to this classic game by iD Software.
Now there's a sequel to "Spear Resurrection" - Spear "End of Destiny"!!!

Was the "Spear of Destiny" lost for all time?
Had B.J. Blazkowicz saved the world last time, or just delayed the inevitable?
Were the nazis again engaged in secret activities?
Who is "Heinrich Haufmann"?
What awaits the hero who should recapture the Spear this time?

All these questions, plus more, will be answered, but only if you have the guts and determination
it takes to take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz in his toughest mission yet! If you thought B.J. had things
tough in "Spear Resurrection", then you don't even know the meaning of the word tough!

But before you embark on this critical mission, you'd be best to plan your course of action!
here for the game storyline and manual - and if you should decide that you have the
right stuff required to take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz in this new battle to save the world, then maybe,
just maybe, you're ready to take on "Spear End of Destiny"!

What is "Spear End of Destiny"?

"Spear Resurrection" was created in 2001 by 2 Wolfenstein 3D fans - namely
"MCS Amsterdam", and myself (AReyeP - pronounced as R.I.P).

In the early part of 2002, the two of us decided an add on for Spear Resurrection was in order. Before too
long, we had new ideas and a growing list of new features that we planned to use for this add on. It soon
became evident to us that we were going to be making more than an "add on". And so the concept for
a full blown sequel to Spear Resurrection was born, and "Spear End of Destiny" was its chosen name.
Featuring a total of 26 levels, plus an additional 12 secret levels of varying difficulty, Spear End of Destiny
will challenge you in ways the original Wolfenstein 3D games didn't whilst still retaining the original
spirit of those earlier games. Dust off your weapons and get yourself psyched - a new challenge awaits!

MCS and myself have spent 3 years working on this sequel. We've had our quiet times where little was
done, and our bursts of activity where progress raced ahead. It's been a gradual process, a leisurely
one where we took our time and never rushed. With all the new features introduced by MCS, there was
huge potential for all kinds of unexpected bugs, so we asked 3 dedicated Wolf 3D fans who are
influential members of the Wolf modding scene to test the game for us. The end result is a mod
that has been exhaustively tested to make sure that the final game is as professional as possible in
both gameplay and presentation, and on a par with the original Wolfenstein 3D games by iD software.

MCS and I feel "Spear End of Destiny" will be a very worthwhile addition to any Wolf fans collection.
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