Please note that there are a large number of decent Wolf 3D sites; we couldn't hope to list them all here.
We have only listed those sites we feel that, whilst being excellent in themselves, will point you in the right
direction to find those other sites also.

id software
The guys that made the original Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. They went on to make the Doom
series after that, and then on to the Quake series. Although I don't think you can buy the original Wolf 3D
from here anymore, you should be able to buy its sequel "Spear of Destiny". A "must visit" site!

3D Realms
This is the place to go if you wish to buy the original Wolfenstein 3D. Although the game was made by
id software, it was licensed under the Apogee name. 3D Realms are now home to all the classic
Apogee titles, and that's why Wolf 3D is here. Also the home of "Rise of the Triad" (which was
originally intended to be Wolfenstein 2), and the Duke Nukem series. Another "must visit" site!

Mr. Lowe's Wolf 3d page
If you're looking for other Wolfenstein 3D add ons, news etc, then I'd recommend Brian Lowe's Wolfenstein
site as one of the best places to start. Brian (Schabbs) keeps this site updated regularly, and there are
heaps of add ons/total conversions by devoted Wolf fans available for download from there.
As if that isn't enough, there are links to a heap of other Wolf 3D related sites. Highly recommended.

Wolfenstein 3D Dome
This is Brian Lowe's new site which is jointly run by himself and Tristan van Putten (author of the excellent
Wolfenstein 3D TC "The Final Solution"). This site is an updated version of Mr Lowe's Wolf 3D page - so if you're after the latest Wolf 3D news etc, this is the site to go to first. An excellent site
that is updated regularly. Highly recommended.

Die Hard Wolfers
Want to talk Wolfenstein? Want help from other Wolf fans on how to do things? This is the place to go!

B.J. Rowan's Wolfenstein 3D Bunker
Home of the excellent "Project Totengraeber". Also has a number of tutorials and
tips for the budding add on maker.

Haasboy Software
A very well designed Wolf 3D site by Ryan de Haast that's easy to navigate.
Home of Ryan's Wolf TC "Rising Evil", as well as much other Wolf related material.

Doomworld's "Wolfendoom"
Where as I have incorporated Doom into Wolf with my own "Wolfendoom", the team at
Doomworld have kind of done it the other way around, incorporating Wolf into Doom.
Trying to emulate Doom with the Wolfenstein engine would be silly, as the Doom engine is far more
advanced and superior to Wolf's. As such, I avoided trying to simply just "copy" Doom and based my own "Wolfendoom" on a new story altogether, whilst utilising the Doom theme and graphics.
However, what would the original Wolfenstein look like using the superior Doom engine?
Well, this is the place to go to find out. Some of the work done at this site is brilliant - the
people involved in this project have done a fantastic job - well worth checking out!
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