1 Oct 2009

The past few months ...

Hi all. Sorry I haven't updated recently. My mother passed away back in July, and this saw me returning to Australia briefly before coming back to South Africa. A sad time and a busy time. And yet a happy time
also in that I was able to see family back in Aus that I hadn't seen for some time.

Needless to say Wolf is the last thing I've been thinking about in recent times.

There is no active project and hasn't been for some time. My spare time is busy with other matters these days
and my job doesn't have the free time my old security jobs used to.

Where to from here?

This website needs a bloody revamp for one thing doesn't it? It's looking rather ancient now :)  I see Geocities
is closing this month ... I haven't heard from MCS for so very long that I don't know what this will mean for the site. Will have to wait and see ...

Hard to think that 9 years ago MCS and I were pouring all our spare time into Spear Resurrection. 5 years
ago it was much the same with End of Destiny.

Back in April I was talking of a 3rd instalment to the series - "Return of Destiny". This idea lives on and
will continue to live on. But there is nothing definite. I will continue to work on graphics etc when I have nothing else to do. What I do make will have to be up to standard though - little time doesn't mean churning out
trash. I guess it'll be like an old car out in the garage that a mechanic gets to work on if and when he
gets the chance :)

As Wolf fans, it's up to us to preserve this classic game for as long as possible. So many of the coders
on our scene have worked to do just this, and I believe that with SDL and other programs etc that make the game compatable with newer versions of Windows, we can prevent the game falling into the clouds of memory.
The days of DOS are long dead, and other than hard core DOS gamers who circumvent this fact through
having a dedicated DOS machine or a virtual DOS Box type work around, we have to acknowledge that
change is inevitable and many of the mods on our scene may be doomed to oblivion. But one thing I know for certain - there's nothing better than firing up an old classic on a newer operating system and, instead of
seeing glitches and bugs and having no sound, seeing it all look, sound and run 10 times better than it ever
did in it's heyday. I think that creates more "ooohs" and "ahhhs" than anything else.

Til next time, whenever that may be :)
Til then, have fun and keep Wolfing! :)
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