... Ultra Secret Level - Ramparts

    So, you've found your way to the castle ramparts, have you? The entrance to this level is hidden in level 10
    (Hiroshima Hyoto's level). If you've found it, you've done well! This level is worth a lot of points, and is not a
    level that's meant to be taken seriously! A bit of fun as per the original Pac Man style hidden level of the
    original Wolfenstein.

1: BJ starts here.
2: There are four locked doors in front of you, each requiring a different key. To find them, you'll have to jump
        into the Artefact of Displacement in this room to warp to the ramparts area at point 3. But before you do,
        stock up on ammo and first aid from the hidden rooms just to the sides of those locked doors.
3: This is where you'll warp to - and there's a rather angry looking Pac Man ghost heading your way. Make
        that a number of Pac Man ghosts! Oh, hell! There's heaps of the damned things! But, thankfully, these
        ghosts can be eliminated with a few shots from your trusty firearm. They're worth a decent pointscore each,
        too, so fire away! Just don't let 'em touch you, OK? It's best to eliminate all the "eliminatable" Pac Men first.
        Just continuously run around the outer rim of the rampart area (don't go into the central areas straight
        away), so that the Pac Men don't have a chance to catch up with you, and eliminate them as you go. There's
        plenty of ammo scattered around this outer rim, so running out shouldn't be a problem. Don't use MCS
        ammo - what a waste! And if you should have a close encounter or two, there are a number of Artefacts of
        Life located in alcoves behind explosive barrels should you need a first aid boost. Once all the Pac Men
        have been eliminated, grab all those treasure items - it's a reward for having found the Ultra Secret Level!
4, 5, 6 & 7: The 4 keys you'll require are located at these areas. But, there's a hitch! The ghosts guarding
        these areas are invincible! They may appear as a Grim Reaper, or they may be disguised as a normal type
        Pac Man to throw you off. The good news? They're trapped behind explosive barrels, and can't get out. The
        bad news? You'll have to let 'em out if you want those keys! You really want to make sure you've eliminated
        all those "standard" type Pac Men before you let these dudes out... (perhaps those Artefacts of
        Invulnerability near the centre of the level may assist?)
8 & 9: Some very nice treasure items for the greedy, and some more "super ghosts" as a punishment for
        being so greedy...
10: Once you've got all 4 keys (and provided you've grabbed all the loot you wish to), jump into the Artefact of
        Displacement here, and you'll warp back to point 2.
11: On to level 11!

.    Enemies marked in blue appear in all difficulty levels. Enemies marked in green
       appear only in difficulty levels "I'm a Hero" & "Suicidal Tendencies". Enemies
       marked in white appear only in the difficulty level "Suicidal Tendencies".
       Locked doors appear in the colour of the key required to open them, whilst unlocked
       doors are coloured grey (or green if it's an unlocked elevator door).

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