Wolfenstein 3D had a sequel in the form of  "Spear of Destiny".
Ever wondered what a sequel to Spear of Destiny may have been like?

Well, now you'll be able to stop wondering, and find out...

"Spear Resurrection" is here!

What really did happen to Hitler?
Why was his body never found?
What became of the "Spear of Destiny"?
Where did those nazis that fled after the war go into hiding?
Who is "Baron von Schmitt"?
What are the Spear's true powers, if any?
And, where does B.J. Blazkowicz fit into all of this?

All these questions, plus more, will be answered, but only if you have the guts and determination
it takes to take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz in his toughest mission yet!

But before you embark on this critical mission, you'd be best to plan your course of action!
here for the game storyline - and if you should decide that you have the
right stuff required to take on the role of B.J. Blazkowicz (you'd better if you want to be a
hero - you do, don't you?) - then you're ready to take on "Spear Resurrection"!

What is "Spear Resurrection"?

"Spear Resurrection" was created by 2 Wolfenstein 3D fans - namely
"MCS Amsterdam", and myself (AReyeP - pronounced as R.I.P).

After joining the "Wolf Community" in late 2000, and seeing all the great new add ons and
total conversions being made by Wolf fans utilizing the original Wolfenstein 3D source
code made freely available by id software, my interest in this classic old game was renewed.
I decided it would be nice to give my old add ons (one of which is called "Wolfendoom") a "facelift",
and then, make a completely new add on. But I wanted it to be special. Something that would be new
and fresh, yet still retain that "classic" Wolf 3D feel.

I had an idea - to make a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D "Spear of Destiny" - the storyline and
ideas for it were quite clear in my mind. I was reasonably adept in the graphics department, and knew that would be no problem. But the source coding? That was one area I was new to. I'm no programmer!
There were people out there making add ons with great features implemented through source code modifications, and I was a complete newbie in this department!

Enter MCS Amsterdam (yep, as his "name" implies, he's from Holland). After asking for
help on various programming topics, MCS was only too happy to provide me with the
answers. And, after a few exchanges, I asked if he would be willing to help me make an
add on that would do the original Spear of Destiny justice. Thankfully, he accepted!

Our goal was to make a Total Conversion (TC) that was as good as a finished commercial product.
Something that id themselves would have been proud of if it had been released a few months after
the original Spear of Destiny. Hopefully, we've succeeded. MCS and I worked extremely well together
as a team, and I suppose we constantly inspired each other to do better as the project
proceeded. And this jointly owned website is a result of this very same teamwork.

MCS and I put a lot of time and effort into Spear Resurrection, 11 months to be precise
where our limited spare time was used to create this Wolfenstein TC. We feel it will be
a very worthwhile addition to any Wolf fans collection.
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