Invulnerability Artefact
One of the 4 "Artefacts of the Spear"
Oh, a machine gun and some bullets :) And some littly wittly health packs near the doors. There must be a few SS behind those doors :)
Gottim bloody Himmel!!!
There's more than 3 SS!!!
There's a whole horde!!!
Stupid AReyeP and his stupid level design... how can I
survive this stupid scenario?
Ahhh - wait a sec! Think B.J!
I seem to remember some artefact just behind me that's hidden behind some stone columns... wait - yes! It's an Invulnerability Artefact!!!
Quick! Blast the columns to pieces - the SS are coming!!! Damn - this column isn't
going to give!!!
Try another column - ah yes!
This one's a bit chalky - but quick
- I can hear those doors
opening behind me...
Run inside - ahh wonderful!
God mode, B.J., grab it now
- you need it!
...and just in the nick of time
too - those SS are pouring in behind you with machine guns blazing. Deal 'em some death while your god mode lasts,
but don't muck around - it
won't last forever!
Well, the god mode ran out, but not before you've given the SS their daily diet of lead.
You should be a
nutritionist, B.J.!!!
Corridor is empty, and on with
the mission.
"Piece of cake really you know..." you whisper to yourself as
you march onwards...
Good show ol' chap!!!
Yes - the "Invulnerability Artefact", whilst rare, is an item not to be used lightly! Although the above scenario is a simplified situation, if you should ever encounter an area where the odds are stacked against you, you just
never know - is there an "Invulnerability Artefact" nearby that could make life a little easier?
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