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To All Wolfenstein 3D Players
We made this "game manual" quite detailed for those that haven't played the original Wolfenstein 3D in a very long time, or are unfamiliar with playing it (if you're one of these people, then we recommend you visit as soon as possible to find out how to get the original Wolfenstein 3D - it's a classic you know you need to have! Don't forget to order "Spear of Destiny", after all, that's the game this mod is based on. These games are cheap now - you have no excuse)!

If you're an experienced Wolfenstein 3D player, then many of the details in this game manual will of course be common knowledge to you. However, there are many new features in Spear "End of Destiny" that you will need to be aware of, so a quick read through will be beneficial.
A Sequel to a Sequel to a Sequel!
id software's "Spear of Destiny" was a sequel (some may argue it was a "prequel" due to the storyline's timeline) to Wolfenstein 3D. We (AReyeP & MCS) designed our earlier mod "Spear Resurrection" as a sequel to the original "Spear of Destiny". In turn, we've designed Spear "End of Destiny" as a sequel to "Spear Resurrection".

Although it's not necessary, you'd be advised to play the games in sequential order to fully appreciate the evolving storyline, as well as to appreciate the enhancements that have been made to both graphics and the original game engine by the Wolfenstein 3D modding community.