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Playing The Game - Menu
Our mod "Spear Resurrection" introduced a number of features not seen in the original Wolfenstein 3D or Spear of Destiny. MCS has since released coding tutorials (available from our site for many of those new features he implemented in Spear Resurrection.

In addition to the features coded into Spear Resurrection, MCS has coded even more features into Spear "End of Destiny". Some are obvious, such as the outdoor & shading effects made available through coding tutorials released to the general community by another keen Wolf 3D fan ("Ripper"), and the use of "wall switches", new weapons etc. But there are numerous other coding changes introduced by MCS, some subtle, others not so subtle, that will dramatically affect the gameplay in Spear "End of Destiny". We could list those changes here, but to do so would detract from the element of surprise we hope Wolf 3D fans will experience while playing many of the gameís levels.

Many of the new features are revealed in this manual. Many though are not. Some affect gameplay, others are for "looks" only. Some may be unique to a particular secret level. Some you will notice as you play, but others you may not. Whatever, hopefully youíll experience some Wolfenstein 3D nostalgia as everything old is made new again!
Weíre talking 1992 technology folks Ė the mysterious days of DOS, when men were men, women were women, and computer games didnít need something designed by NASA to run on! So unless your computer is more than 10 years old, or is not IBM compatible (such as a Macintosh), then it should be quite capable of running Spear "End of Destiny" just fine. However, due to advancements in hardware and operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows XP), there may be certain steps youíll have to take in order for the game to run or to hear sounds/music in the game properly. The "Troubleshooting" section in this manual covers most of what you should know.
Using a compression utility such as Winzip or LZArc, simply extract the contents of the game zip archive to the folder you wish the game to be run from.
Run the file "spear.exe" in order to start the game. See the "Troubleshooting" section in this manual should you have any problems running the game.
After the title sequence, youíll be presented with the Options Menu. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the desired option, then press the Enter button to activate that option. The Esc key always backs out. You can also use the first letter of a menu item to go straight to that item, or you can navigate the menus with the mouse, joystick or gamepad.
When starting a new game, you'll be able to select from one of five different difficulty levels. These levels are:
Grandma: The easiest skill level that's suitable for beginners. This skill level provides little challenge at all. If you complete the game on this level then you really haven't got much to brag about!
Go Easy on me: Like "Grandma", but with tougher enemies. In addition, enemies and other hazards cause more damage. This is the skill level a serious beginner should contemplate!
I'm a Hero: This is more like it! More enemies than the previous skill level. For gamers who want a reasonable challenge without things getting too tough.
Suicidal Tendencies: Now you're talking! The most enemies. For serious gamers.
Tournament! A special challenge! We noticed a lot of Wolfenstein 3D players save their game heaps of times during each level. When theyíre killed, they just reload their last saved game. So we wanted to provide a little more of a challenge to that kind of player. This difficulty level is similar to "Suicidal Tendencies", but with limited game saves. In this skill level, your limited number of lives, as indicated on the game status bar under where it says "BJ's", are replaced by a limited number of saves. So, although you have unlimited lives, you can't save your game every 20 seconds! You'll get an extra savegame at the start of each new level, plus you may find the odd "Artefact of Preservation" (fancy name for "savegame artefact") whilst exploring in the game itself. Consider yourself challenged!
Pressing the Esc key in-game will take you to the Options menu, however the "F" keys will take you directly to certain options:
F1 Ė Help: Takes you to the gameís "Read This" section which contains the storyline and the basics of gameplay.

F2 - Save game (F8 for Quick save): There are ten Save Game slots. To save a game, move to an empty slot (or one you donít mind writing over), type in a name and press the Enter key. This option will not be available unless you are playing a game.

F3 - Load game (F9 for Quick load): Load a previously saved game.

F4 - Sound menu: Select the type of sound you want the game to use. To activate or deactivate a particular sound type, highlight the desired selection and press the Enter key.

F5 Ė Change view: Pressing F5 allows you to increase or decrease your in-game view area. Use the arrow keys to resize the view window to your desired size, then press the Enter key to accept it. Alternatively, pressing the "plus" key (+) in-game will automatically increase the view size, whilst pressing the "minus" key (-) will decrease the view size. In Spear "End of Destiny", the gameís view area can be increased to take up your whole screen. In this mode your status bar (normally displayed at the bottom of the screen) will not be visible, however, you can view the status bar at any time by pressing the Tab key whilst playing the game in this mode, or alternatively press the F11 key to toggle the status bar display on or off.

NOTE: Like many games of its day, the original Wolfenstein 3D game engine required a certain amount of "conventional" memory to run optimally. It doesnít matter if your system has a gigabyte of RAM Ė if you donít have enough of this memory free, the game will attempt to compensate for this by automatically reducing the viewing area of the game. Depending on how much conventional memory your system has free, the game may or may not accept the larger view size, or may automatically reset itself to a smaller view size after you save or load a game. See the "Troubleshooting" section in this manual for more information on this topic.

F6 - Controls menu: Select the kind of input youíd like to use to play the game (keyboard, mouse, joystick or Gravis PC gamepad).

F7 - End game: This will end your game without saving it and return you to the Options menu. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

F10 - Exit game: Quits the game completely and returns you to your operating system. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision.

F11 - Toggle Status Bar: If playing in full screen mode, this toggles the status bar on or off.

F12 - Turn in-game messages on/off: During the game you will receive messages displayed across the top of the screen displaying information relevant to actions you have just taken or are required to take. By default this feature is activated, however, if these messages annoy you, just press F12 to turn them off. Pressing F12 again will turn them back on.

NOTE: If you wish to turn off floor/ceiling textures for any reason (perhaps you have an old 286 or 386 computer that suffers slow framerates, or perhaps you'd just like to turn them off for some kind of weird nostalgic Wolfenstein 3D feel!), then pressing Backspace-T will toggle floor/ceiling textures on or off. Likewise, shading can be toggled on/off by pressing Backspace-S.
Use the arrow keys to move. Use the Alt key together with the left/right arrow keys to strafe sideways. Use the right Shift key together with the arrow keys to run (move faster than normal).

NOTE: Learning to strafe and run are extremely important when fighting some of the tougher enemies!

Use the Ctrl key to use your knife or fire your weapon. If you are using a machine gun or MCS weapon, you can hold down the Ctrl key for rapid continuous fire.

Use the Space key to open doors, activate elevators and to activate secret "pushwalls" (described in more detail later). Each level contains at least one exit elevator or stairway. Activating an elevator takes you to the next level. If a level ends with a stairway leading up or down to the next level, all you need to do is walk up to the stairway to finish the current level and proceed to the next.

Some items, such as treasure, weapons and ammo, can be picked up by the player. To pick up an item simply walk over it. If you have the maximum amount of a particular type of ammo, then you wonít be able to pick up any more of it. Likewise, walking over a first aid kit or roast dinner wonít "use" that item if you are already at 100% health.

With a mouse or joystick, button 1 acts as the Ctrl (shoot) key, and button 2 acts as the Alt (strafe) key. Gamepads have a 4th button which acts as the Shift (run) key.
At the bottom of the play screen is a status bar which provides information youíll need to know while playing the game (if you are playing in full screen mode youíll need to press the Tab key to view the status bar).

Your status bar displays the number of the level you are currently playing, your current score, the number of "B.Jís" (lives, or savegames if you are on "Tournament" mode) you have remaining, your visual representation, your current health, the amount of ammo you have for the currently selected weapon, the keys you currently possess, and an image of your currently selected weapon.
Dispatching your enemies and picking up treasures earn you points. In addition, when you finish a level, a bonus screen will tally your performance. Secret areas found, ratio of kills and percentage of treasure found will be calculated. Each 100% ratio earns you an extra 10000 points. Also, if you beat the par times for completing a level, youíll receive extra bonus points.

Scoring is important! Dependent on the difficulty level you are playing, extra lives (up to a maximum of 9) are granted for every 40000, 60000, 75000 or 100000 points earned (in "Tournament" mode, you receive an extra savegame for every 100000 points).
You start the game with only a knife, so you'll need to find weapons and ammunition to survive. There are 7 weapon types in Spear "End of Destiny":
Knife: The knife isn't just there as a fallback weapon for when you run out of ammunition. It can be used as a "silent" weapon when you want to dispatch an enemy without alerting others nearby. Mind you, against certain enemies (such as Suicide Clones), the knife is virtually useless!

If you have no weapons except a knife, and can't find another weapon, then it's possible to get a pistol by killing a guard, or a machine gun by killing an SS.
Pistol: Standard firearm issued to nazi guards and officers. Good against single enemies such as your average guard, but not ideal in situations where youíre outnumbered. Uses standard calibre ammunition.

Machine gun: The standard weapon issued to SS. A good all purpose weapon capable of dispatching small groups of enemies. Not recommended for use when dealing with large groups of enemies, or against tougher enemies (such as "boss" enemies). Uses standard calibre ammunition.

Ammunition for both the pistol and machine gun comes in clips of 8 (4 if clip is dropped by enemy) and crates of 25, and is quite common due to its being used in weapons used by guards, officers, SS etc. You are able to carry a maximum of 100 rounds of this ammunition at any time (200 if you find a backpack).
MCS (Multi Cannon Shredder) Mk3 & MCS Mk4: The MCS Mk3 is a 3 barrelled prototype weapon that packs a similar punch to a chaingun - ideal for large enemy groups. The MCSS Mk4 is a rare 4 barrelled version of the Mk3. It uses ammunition at an almost frightening rate, but is often the weapon of choice when the odds are stacked against you.

Both the MCS Mk3 & Mk4 use a larger calibre ammunition than your standard pistol or machine gun. Coming in clips of 8 and crates of 25, this type of ammunition isnít quite as common but can still be found in reasonable quantities. You are able to carry a maximum of 100 rounds of this ammunition at any time (200 if you find a backpack).
Stealth Rifle: An experimental rifle that was designed to be used for special assassination tasks. Not many of these weapons were manufactured, and those that were are generally kept well hidden by the nazis from prying eyes. Like the pistol, the stealth rifle is not a rapid fire weapon, but this is more than compensated for by the fact that it can kill most enemies with only one shot. Its other primary advantage is the fact that it is fitted with a built in silencer that means dispatching an enemy will not alert other enemies nearby. For this reason it is an excellent alternative to the noisy MCS weapons when facing regular enemies. However, against heavily armoured opponents (such as rocket turrets or "boss" enemies), the stealth rifle has very little effect.

Being that it is an experimental weapon, ammunition for the stealth rifle is in very limited supply. Coming in clips of only 4, it is not advisable to waste this ammunition when a machine gun or MCS weapon could do the job just as effectively. You are able to carry a maximum of 18 rounds of this ammunition at any time (36 if you find a backpack).
NOTE: The accuracy of the above weapons diminishes with the range of the shot. Aim to the left or right of your enemy if your bullets are missing your target.
Rocket Launcher: Undoubtedly the most powerful weapon you will encounter is the rocket launcher. It is capable of turning your average enemy inside out and killing others nearby with the resultant splash damage. However, this weapon, whilst being ideal against tougher enemies, is not without its drawbacks. Itís slow rate of fire means you can find yourself vulnerable while waiting for it to reload. Add to this that extreme caution must be used when firing this weapon, as the splash damage from a rocket exploding nearby will hurt you as well as your intended target!

Rockets required by the rocket launcher are not to be found in an abundant supply, so don't waste them on a single pesky guard unless you have no other choice! Coming in crates of 2, you are able to carry a maximum of 10 rockets at any time (20 if you find a backpack).
Weapon Selection: Once you have more than one weapon, the keyboard buttons 1-7 choose the weapons. 1 selects the knife, 2 the pistol, 3 the machine gun, 4 the MCS Mk3, 5 the MCS Mk4, 6 the stealth rifle, and 7 the rocket launcher. Needless to say, you cannot select a weapon you donít possess. If you run out of ammo for a particular weapon, you will have to manually select another weapon. If you run out of ammo for all available weapons, you can only use your knife. As mentioned previously, pressing the Ctrl key fires your selected weapon.

The weapon you have selected will be displayed on the far right side of your status bar as you play the game. The amount of ammo for the selected weapon will be displayed on the status bar also.
Backpacks: On occasion you may find an ammunition backpack. As well as containing a small assortment of ammunition, a backpack will enable you to carry twice the amount of ammunition you'd normally be able to carry for each weapon.
There are numerous items that can boost (or reduce) your health in Spear "End of Destiny":
Small Medkit: Adds 5% to your health (up to a maximum of 100%).
Steak Dinner: Adds 10% to your health (up to a maximum of 100%).
Berry Bush: Found in outdoor areas. Those with red berries add 10% to your health (up to a maximum of 100%). Those with slightly brownish berries take 16% off your health. They look similar so be careful (didnít your mother warn you about the dangers of eating things in the wild)?
Large Medkit: Adds 25% to your health (up to a maximum of 100%).
Portable Medkit: Like a large medkit, these add 25% to your health (up to a maximum of 100%). However, unlike the large medkit, these portable kits can be picked up and kept until needed. You can only carry up to two of these at a time. Itís always a good idea to have a couple of portable medkits on hand should you get caught in a tough situation with no other sources of first aid nearby. To use a portable medkit, you must first select it (just as you would select a weapon) by pressing the keyboard button 9. Once selected, press the Ctrl key to use one portable medkit and feel a lot better. But be careful, for while restoring health this way, you wonít have a weapon in hand and will be quite vulnerable to attack!
NOTE: There are also some special artefacts that affect your health Ė see more on these below. It is also important to note that when you pick up a first aid item (or treasure item) that the screen will momentarily flash with a yellow tinge (if the screen flashes this way when you haven't picked up such an item, then it means your enemies somewhere are collecting these goodies)!
To progress through each level, you will need to find various keys located within the level in order to open certain locked doors.
There are 4 key types - the gold key, the bronze key, the blood key, and the elevator key. Locked doors have locks which match the colour of the key required to open them.
NOTE: Necessary keys are never hidden in secret areas. However, keys required to access a secret area may be hidden.
To provide funding for rebuilding the Reich, the nazis took plenty of stolen treasure with them when they fled Germany. Deprive them of their ill gotten wealth (and line your own pockets in the process)! Most treasure items are secured in secret areas, so you will have to search to find it. Treasures you will find are:
Cross: Worth 100 points.
Chalice: Worth 500 points.
Chest: Worth 1000 points.
Black Diamond: Worth 2500 points.
Crown: Worth 5000 points.
Whilst the Spear is being used by the nazis for evil purposes, it is important to note that the Spear itself is not necessarily an evil artefact. If the Spear is being used primarily for an evil cause, it attempts to counter this by creating artefacts that are designed to assist the forces of good. In such a situation, many of these artefacts can only be seen and used by those who oppose the evil for which the Spear is being used.

There are 7 "Artefacts of the Spear" which can be found in Spear "End of Destiny":
Artefact of Life: Raises your health to 125%, or in increments of 25 if you are already at 125% health (up to a maximum of 200%). Also worth 10000 points!
Artefact of Invulnerability: Grants you complete invulnerability for 30 seconds. If you have the "messages" feature (F12) turned on, a timer displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen will countdown the seconds remaining.
Artefact of Displacement: Teleports you to another location within a level. Can also be used by some enemies.
Artefact of Death: Kills anyone who moves over it, including you!
Artefact of Fury: Temporarily turns you into a knife wielding maniac capable of killing any enemy with one knife thrust. Lasts for 30 seconds. If you have the "messages" feature (F12) turned on, a timer displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen will countdown the seconds remaining.
Artefact of Regeneration: Slowly restores your health to 100% in increments of 2. You must stand on top of this artefact for it to work.
Artefact of Preservation ("Tournament" mode only): Gives you an extra opportunity to save your game.
Other than doors, elevators, weapons and other trinkets as described above, there are a number of items you can directly interact with in Spear "End of Destiny". These items may affect the strategies you implement.
Barrels: Some barrels contain flammable vapours that can trigger an explosion if the barrel is damaged. The explosion will hurt nearby enemies, and you too if you're too close! Some exploded barrels will leave behind a toxic green sludge that will harm you if stepped on.
Toxic pools: Toxic waste chemicals stored in many barrels have sometimes been spilt on to the ground by their clumsy nazi handlers. These chemicals form a green sludge puddle on the ground - avoid stepping on them as they detract from your health.
Stone Columns: Some stone columns in the estate are rather crumbly, and can be destroyed to allow access to other areas. If you're low on ammo, it may be wise to use your knife to weaken the column instead of wasting valuable ammo (definitely not recommended for barrels though)! Bear in mind that not all stone columns are destructible.
NOTE: Destroying a stone column will not cause any harm to you or your enemies.
Landmines: The nazis have planted landmines in several outdoor areas. Stepping on one can cause considerable injury, and, as they are difficult to see, caution must be taken when taking a stroll through certain forest areas. Although they are a hazard, they can be used to advantage in certain situations as they will kill enemies who inadvertently step on one. In most situations, areas planted with landmines are marked with warning signs. Who said the enemy wasn't considerate?
Wall switches: As an added security measure, Heinrich Haufmann has had a number of security devices installed throughout the estate that are remotely controlled by wall switches. These switches do one of two things:

1. Open a secret "pushwall" that cannot otherwise be opened. Once such a pushwall has been opened, it cannot be closed by the same switch that opened it unless another separate switch has been installed to do so. These remote pushwalls are generally used to conceal secret areas located somewhere in the current level, or to conceal some form of dangerous trap.

2. Activate/deactivate a special wall unit that shoots dangerous fireballs.
NOTE: Throwing a wall switch is often necessary to proceed through a level, but sometimes the consequences can be deadly! Youíve been warned!
There are a number of secret areas hidden in each level. Sometimes the entrance to such an area may appear obvious, but often it is not! Finding such areas can be time consuming, but it may be well worth the while, after all, you can't expect your enemies to just leave all the goodies lying around in the open for you! Most of the time you don't have to find these areas to complete a level, but it can certainly help you complete your mission if you do (or at least make you richer than what you are considering that most treasure items are hidden).

Unlike the original Wolfenstein 3D games, merely finding and activating a secret pushwall does not constitute having "found a secret". In Spear "End of Destiny", you may not even need to activate a secret pushwall in order to access a secret area. Other times, you may be required to activate more than one. When you have entered the secret area, a message will be displayed across the top of the screen advising you of the fact (the "messages" feature, accessed by pressing the F12 key, must be switched on for this feature to work).
Some levels may have a "super secret" area that is especially difficult to find. These areas generally contain something special, such as a wealth of treasure, or perhaps access to some other kind of special area such as a secret level. As with normal secret areas, youíll be informed via an on screen message if you find such an area.

As with the original Wolfenstein 3D games, essential items (such as keys necessary to progress through a level) are never hidden in secret areas. However, if you do happen to find a key in a hidden area, it may be worthwhile trying to find the bonus area it opens!
And of course, as all "Wolfers" would know, the best way to search for secret pushwalls is to run along a wall at a 45 degree angle whilst keeping the space bar depressed. Just make sure the area youíre searching in is free of enemies before you start!
In addition to the 25 regular levels, there are 12 secret levels to be found in Spear "End of Destiny". In many cases these levels can be difficult to find, but should you find one, be warned, they are generally more difficult than standard levels. However, this is compensated for by the fact they are generally loaded with treasure and opportunities to boost your score dramatically!

There are 3 categories of secret level in the game:

Normal: These secret levels are similar to normal levels in the game, but are generally more challenging.

Super: These hard to find super secret levels stand out from other levels in the game in that they have some crazy unique theme (a little like the "Pacman" level in the original Wolfenstein 3D). Expect something different!

Challenge: If you think the other levels in the game are tough, then youíre in for a shock! Challenge levels contain our nastiest traps and require you to think out a certain strategy for you to succeed. These levels are far from impossible to get through, but youíll need to take risks, and learn from your mistakes!

NOTE: Youíll start each challenge level with only a knife. Thereís an exit from the level right near where you start from in case you find the going too tough, but the penalty for such cowardice is that youíll start the next level with only your knife! Special rewards await you near the end of a Challenge level, including powerful weapons & ammo, or perhaps even another secret level!

A number of secret levels can only be accessed from within another secret level. If you can find all 12 levels without cheating then youíve made Sherlock Holmes look like an amateur!
There are 6 regular enemies you will encounter in the game. Most will drop ammo clips when killed. And remember, shoot to kill, as wounded enemies (except clones) can use health items thus robbing you of the opportunity to heal yourself!
Guards: Wearing the traditional green uniform of the Werhmacht, these guys are easy enough to dispatch individually, but are potentially dangerous in groups.
SS: Dressed in traditional black, equipped with machine guns and wearing bullet proof vests, the elite SS make tough opponents, and are extremely dangerous in groups.
Officers: Very agile and accurate opponents. Although equipped only with a pistol, officers wear bullet proof vests that make them almost as tough to bring down as an SS.
Clones: With the war being over, the nazis found themselves without a steady supply of dead bodies required to create the mutants that theyíd used during those years. Using the same twisted technology of the maniacal Dr. Schabbs that was used to create mutants, the nazis have been able to use waste human organic material to clone slave peasants as a cheap mindless workforce. These disgusting abominations are armed with a pistol and donít hesitate to kill anything they consider a threat. Kill 'em, and they revert back to their waste form! Yuk!
Suicide Clones: These special clones will just die to kill you! Instead of being armed with a pistol, these clones have an explosive charge strapped to their waist which theyíll attempt to detonate as soon as they get next to you. Be warned, the explosion will set off any other explosive devices nearby including certain barrels and other suicide clones making for one hell of a deadly bang!
Rocket Turrets: Once they lock onto any threat detected, these dangerous stationary turrets will continuously fire rockets in your face until youíre a red stain on the floor. The light steel plating protecting them means theyíll take a little more to destroy than your other regular enemies.
In addition to the regular enemies described above, there are some big bad bosses youíll encounter as you explore through the estate.
Superclones: These disgusting monstrosities are twice the size of a standard clone, but are many times stronger. They are a fast and dangerous enemy that guard various key areas within the estate. Once the pride of nazi clone creation, the production of Superclones was ceased by Heinrich Haufmann in order to give preference to the production of the newer "Ultraclones". Originally equipped with an MCS Mk3, the Superclones that remain have been rearmed with twin rocket launchers in an attempt to make them a deadlier foe.
Ultraclones: The nazis were determined to perfect the work of the twisted Dr. Schabbs, and this abomination is the end result! The Ultraclone may look similar to earlier versions of the Superclone, but donít be fooled - it is an enhanced version of the Superclone. Other than being equipped with an MCS Mk3, the main difference between this new clone variant and the older Superclone is a form of experimental "re-animation" technology that was used in it's creation. In other words, if you kill one of these, it may stay dead, but it may not! Capable of regenerating themselves from "death" a number of times, it goes without saying that you need to exercise extreme caution around these horrors! You will soon learn to fear even their corpses as their lifeless grotesque faces stare up at you!
Cybertroopers: The overwhelming stench created by having so many clones in the estate resulted in Heinrich Haufmann requesting research be made into producing a super cybernetic trooper that could eventually replace the clones. Armed with twin traditional chainguns, these prototypes have so far proved quite effective, however they havenít quite yet matched the deadly capability of the Ultraclones (looks like Heinrich will have to live with the smell for a while longer). Still, this doesnít mean you can afford to take these Cybertroopers lightly.
Otto von Thugg: Thugg by name, thug by nature. This character is Heinrich Haufmann's number one henchman. With a taste for violence and a thirst for blood, his rocket launcher and classic chaingun have satisfied his lust nicely over the years. So sadistic is he that, as a form of "entertainment", he even had his own catacomb like dungeon constructed in the estate for the sole purpose of hunting down and exterminating poor Spanish peasant slaves. He's heard the stories of courage and bravery displayed by B.J. Blazkowicz, and would like to add the final chapter to the Blazkowicz biography. Needless to say, he's not planning on a happy ending for you!
Heinrich Haufmann: Having taken over the nazis operations after the demise of Baron von Schmitt, Herr Haufmann is determined to make certain that things go according to plan this time around. He only packs a rocket launcher and an MCS Mk3, but unlike some bosses, heís not prepared to take you on alone. Even if you do get the better of him, he has no reason to fear death, after all, he believes Baron von Schmitt's dying promise. It had something to do with meeting you in the fires of HellÖ
The Spear of Destiny: Although not a boss enemy, the Spear of Destiny deserves being listed in here alongside them. Having captured the Spear of Destiny from the nazis twice before, you need no introduction to this mysterious artefact. Taking possession of it will be the "easy" part. But you know only too well there will be a price to pay if you are to truly secure it. What does the Spear have in store for you this time? Perhaps your old foe Baron von Schmitt had known the answer to that...
An enemy death = points for B.J.! Whether you use a weapon or lure your foe into a trap - it doesn't matter how or what strategy you use to dispatch an enemy - you will always receive the allocated amount of points when an enemy dies. So, feel free to lure your enemies into a minefield. Or towards an Artefact of Death. Or kill them with exploding barrels. And relax in the knowledge that by doing these things you score points the easy way! So, if you see your score climbing mysteriously during gameplay, youíll have the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere, some poor sod whoís out to get you has walked on a mine or stumbled into some other deadly hazard!

And the points earned for each enemy dispatched? You earn:

200 points for a guard
200 points for a suicide clone
400 points for an officer
500 points for an SS
500 points for a regular clone
800 points for a rocket turret
1000 - 10000 points for "boss" enemies (the tougher they are, the more they're worth).
If you are going to survive in Spear "End of Destiny", then youíre going to have to learn that filling every room with lead isnít always the key to success!

Get them to come to you!
If there is only one entrance, try to lure the guards to come out to you. This will make it easy to pick them off one by one. However, donít expect this tactic to always work. Some guards are smart enough to use the same strategy and will wait for you to come in to them!

Get close where possible
Shooting an enemy at close range will do them more damage than if you try picking them off from a distance. In other words, running straight up to an enemy and blasting them point blank will sometimes be a more effective tactic than hiding behind a corner firing pot shots at them. Just make sure the area youíre running into isnít full of other enemies! Of course, if you have the stealth rifle, then maybe a few pot shots here and there wouldnít go astray!

Every level has hidden stuff
If you explore carefully, youíll find extra health, ammo and other goodies everywhere! Sometimes itís better to take your time searching for secret areas than trying to get to the level exit "dead on time"Ö

Necessary items arenít hidden
As mentioned previously regarding keys, items you need to get to the end of a level arenít hidden. Likewise, elevators (except those leading to secret levels) and exit stairways can be reached through the normal passages of a level without having to search all over the place for secret areas.

Conserve your ammo
Some areas may have generous amounts of ammo lying around, but at other times you may find yourself desperately scrounging for any clip you can find. So think twice before wasting your ammo blowing up barrels or smashing stone columns - those few bullets wasted may save youur life! If youíre low on ammo, spend your time looking for hidden areas that may contain much needed munitions. After all, itís no good bravely fighting off the hordes with a knife when there may be an MCS Mk4 hidden behind the wall next to you!

Great balls oí fire
Those walls that shoot fire may look impassable, but if your timing is right, you can walk through between individual firebursts without being hit. If your timing is poor then youíll feel the pain. Sometimes, to get to your destination, you may have no other choice than to take the risk. A little practice and youíll be weaving in and out of fireballs with the grace of a ballet dancer. But merely treating these fire hazards as something to avoid is a waste of potential. Why not use these hazards to your advantage? While some of your enemies will carefully avoid falling into their own traps, others arenít always the smartest and will be so obsessed with pursuing you theyíll run blindly into the streams of fire. Lure them towards their own traps, then sit back and relax as your enemies march to their doom without you wasting so much as a single bullet!

"Friendly" fire
Those rocket shooting turrets can be a pain in the butt. But those rockets can be a pain in the butt for your enemies also, as turrets are programmed to shoot at any perceived threat irregardless of whether thereís an obstacle in the way. Give the enemy guards a taste of their own medicine and lure them in between you and a rocket turret, and watch those rockets give your pursuers a literal pain in the butt! Just make sure you know how to strafe sideways left and right, as the odd rocket that gets through will be headed your way (or you can stand behind a solid object such as a fence. The turrets will still fire at you, but will harmlessly explode on the object instead of you).

NOTE: The same strategy can be used with Superclones or any other enemy that fires rockets. Enemies skilled in the art of using such weapons know how to avoid being harmed by "friendly fire", so donít expect Superclones or rocket turrets to damage each other.

But that room was empty!
Many areas are subject to roaming enemy patrols, and if guards are being attacked in a certain area then reinforcements could be sent in to investigate. So never assume that just because youíve cleared an area of enemies that it will stay that way. A number of your enemies may be used to seeing death and thus may be stupid enough to dismiss a dead comradeís body as being due to a faulty suicide clone or some other mishap and therefore do nothing. But some enemies patrolling through areas youíve already visited will notice the carnage youíve wreaked on their buddies and will come looking for you, no matter where you are! In short, learn to watch your back if you wish to stay alive.

Finding secret areas
Donít feel you have to find every secret in every level! Certainly, if youíre low on ammo or health, then it would pay to search those areas you havenít already in case youíve missed a hidden stash of ammo or first aid. But some secret areas are very difficult to find and may require a certain strategy to reach them. Donít let yourself get bogged down looking for every single secret. On the other hand, difficult to find areas can yield huge rewards, so persistence can pay off!

What did that switch just do?
Most of the time the consequences of throwing a switch on a wall will be immediately evident. But sometimes it wonít! If you throw a wall switch and nothing seems to happen, then perhaps itís because the action triggered takes place elsewhere in the level. Who knows, maybe itís the first step on your way to finding a Super Secret area?

Brains not brawn
One of the most important keys to survival is to study your environment as you explore. Brute force may win most battles, but sometimes you may come across situations that require a little thought, some careful planning, or a certain strategy in order to get through unscathed. If your regular tactics are failing to get you through a certain area, then try something else. The solution to your problem may be as simple as using a switch or an artefact somewhere nearby!

Artefacts can be the key to success!
Certain artefacts can give you the edge against the enemy hordes. But there are two artefacts that, when combined, make you temporarily unstoppable! Should you ever have the opportunity to grab both an Artefact of Invulnerability and an Artefact of Fury simultaneously, then you will be able to kill any enemy in the game with one knife stab whilst being completely invulnerable! Whenever you find these two artefacts together, don't waste them! Waste not, and ye shall want not!

NOTE: Should you grab both an Artefact of Fury and an Artefact of Invulnerability together, then the time remaining indicator displayed in the top right corner of the screen applies to the last of the two artefacts you grabbed.

Find the going too tough?
You can always cheat by pressing the HAC keys simultaneously at any time during gameplay to give yourself full health and add a nice boost to your ammo supplies (but you'll lose the added carrying capacity of a backpack if you have one). However, should you take this cowardly option, your score will be reset to zero, and will remain at zero for the remainder of your game. The lesson here is that cheaters never prosper! In other words, if you're chasing a high score, don't cheat! Loading a previously saved game (one saved before you applied the cheat), or starting a new game, will restore your scoring ability.