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A Big Thanks To id Software…
Firstly, the creators of this Wolfenstein 3D mod (AReyeP and MCS Amsterdam) would like to thank id Software ( for making the original "Wolfenstein 3D" and its sequel "Spear of Destiny". The guys at id made 3D gaming what it is today, as the Wolfenstein games were a breakthrough as far as today's 3D computer gaming is concerned. Wolfenstein was just the beginning. Afterwards, the team at id went on to make classic 3D games such as "Doom", "Quake" etc.

When John Carmack (head programmer at id software) made the source code for the earlier Wolfenstein games freely available to the public a few years back, it enabled Wolfenstein fans to alter the game in ways they had never been able to. And although Spear "End of Destiny" (and it's prequel "Spear Resurrection") were both made by 2 Wolfenstein 3D fans, they used this source code and the original game material as a base. As such, neither mod would exist if it weren't for the original Wolfenstein games and John Carmack’s generosity. Don't let it be said that id software don't look after their fans!

If you want the original Wolfenstein 3D (believe me, it's a classic that is well worth the small amount it would cost these days), then pay a visit to (where you'll also find information on how to obtain the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D "Spear of Destiny"). Don't forget to check out the other great games they make!
Thank You!
AreyeP and MCS would like to thank the following members of the Wolfenstein 3D modding community for their direct or indirect contributions:

Greg "BrotherTank" Foley: Testing the game and reporting back to us on recommended improvements. In addition, the feature Greg contributed to our earlier mod "Spear Resurrection" (allowing us to use extra wall textures) has been used again in Spear "End of Destiny". Greg also contributed other ideas towards "End of Destiny" during its development.

Norberto Ariel "Arielus" Castañares: Testing the game and reporting back to us on recommended improvements.

Brian "Schabbs" Lowe: Testing the game and reporting back to us on recommended improvements.

(Actually, our three game testers named above deserve an
extra big thanks, as they did an absolutely fantastic job! Their thoroughness, observations and suggestions resulted in a number of improvements to the game - thanks guys!)

Chris "Chokster" Chokan: Helping with conversion of some midi music tracks to Wolfenstein 3D game format.

Paul "The Master" Drude: Contributing design ideas towards this game manual’s layout.

"Ripper" of Chaos software: For making coding tutorials on night time sky effect, weather effects, non rotating sprites, shading routines, full screen view and "removing the scalers" freely available to the general community.

"Darkone": For his music and palette tools, and for making his floor/ceiling & animated texture tutorials freely available to the general community.

The Wolfenstein 3D community: For keeping this classic game alive, and for their never ending patience and understanding while we spent over 2 years slowly working on this mod and repeatedly deferring the release date. To those of you who said we'd never finish it - nyahh!!

To our families: For their tolerance of us spending so much time on things Wolfenstein related.
A note from MCS Amsterdam:
Should you ever find out how to enter "debug" mode, then you should be aware that certain rather "useless" cheats have been removed in order to save some precious memory. Instead, we added some more useful cheats for your convenience.

Available keys:

Tab-B (Knife Fury mode)
Kill any enemy with one knife stab.

Tab-C (Count Objects)
Displays the amount of static objects, doors and enemies used in the current level.

Tab-D (Display Ratio)
Displays the ratio of kills, secrets, and treasures so far.

Tab-E (End level)
Ends current level and displays intermission screen.

Tab-G (God mode)
Invulnerability mode. No enemy, object or artefact can harm you.

Tab-H (Hurt yourself)
Takes 16% off your health (you can use this if you get stuck and nothing else helps).

Tab-I (Item cheat)
Adds health, points, weapons and ammo to your current total.

Tab-K (Item cheat)
Adds all 4 keys to your inventory.

Tab-M (Memory info)
Displays current memory usage.

Tab-N (No Clipping Mode)
Used to walk through walls, static objects and enemies.

Tab-Q (Quit)
Exit to DOS immediately, without saving current game.

Tab-S (Reveal Secrets)
Highlights all secret pushwalls in the current level by replacing them with a bright texture.

Tab-V (View Position)
Displays the current MapEdit coordinates of the player and the direction he's facing.

Tab-W (Warp to Level)
Go directly to the level of your choice (1 up to 23).

Tools used by MCS Amsterdam:

UltraEdit v.7.10 and 8.00 (the ultimate editor,

Norton Text Search for DOS v.7.0 (text search)

Audio File Manager v.1.0 by DarkOne (music and Adlib sound replacement)

Jpal2bin v.1.0 by DarkOne (palette conversion)

FloEdit v.1.0 by Florian Stohr (graphics and digitized sound replacement)

Paint Shop Pro v.5.03 by Jasc Software (graphic modifications)

CoolEdit2000 v.1.01 by Syntrillium Software (sound modifications)

EatMem v.1.0 -author unknown- (memory management)

LZEXE v.0.91 by Fabrice Bellard (EXE compression)

Borland C++ v.3.1 (source compilation)

VThief 0.07 by Andrew Aksyonoff (screenshots)

MapEdit 8.4 by David Huntoon, Bryan Baker & Warren Buss (level design)

A note from AReyeP:

A special thanks to the people who run the websites "Graphtallica" (; "Texture Universe" (; and "3D Cafe" ( These sites post a number of freely available textures that are fantastic. A number of these textures were used as a "base" in some of the textures created for Spear "End of Destiny". To the people that run these sites - a big thankyou - you are appreciated!

Thanks also the classic game "Ultima Underworld II" by Looking Glass for inspiration and some textures that were used. If Wolfenstein 3D was groundbreaking, then the Ultima Underworld games were revolutionary!

Tools used by AReyeP:

Paint Shop Pro ver 6.00 by Jasc Software (graphic creation & modification)

FloEdit v.1.0 by Florian Stohr (graphics and digitized sound replacement)

Mapedit 8.4 by David Huntoon, Bryan Baker & Warren Buss (level design)

Midi Orchestrator Plus ver 2.11.24 by Voyetra Technologies (midi editing)

Wlfaud Wolf 3D audio editor ver 1.1 by Bill Neisius

Goldwave ver 4.25 Copyright 2001 Goldwave Inc (*.wav editing)

Audio File Manager v.1.0 by DarkOne (for music replacement)

IMFCreator v. 1.0.4 by Adam Biser

Cool Page v. 2.72 by 3Dize (creation of html game manual)

Wolf 3D and Spear of Destiny (of course) by id software (who else)?!!!

And one last thing: should you ever encounter the term "betagraphiken saugen" anywhere in the game, it's just an "in house" joke between myself and MCS. Let's just say it was one of my poor attempts at German referring to some of my earlier "beta graphics" :)

Take care all :)
AReyeP & MCS Amsterdam
(November 2004)