1 November 2011


Last month, I made the new SDL version of Spear Resurrection available for download. It was the original game ... same levels and all, however it was enhanced with the conversion to SDL so it now runs in Windows. This original Spear Resurrection SDL enhanced version is available

But now, to mark the 10th anniversary of Spear Resurrection's release, I'm releasing the SDL version
with a complete new mapset, and a new exe that makes some of those easybeat bosses a little more
challenging on those harder skill levels.

I'm quite pleased with how the new levels came out, and in my opinion they make the older original
levels look rather ordinary.

Dare you play them on the hardest skill level? No ... they're far from impossible to beat on the toughest
difficulty setting, but they will give you a challenge in parts! Especially a certain secret level I aptly named
"Overkill". I enjoy playing that level, keeps me on my toes :)

I'd like to thank Ack for contributing two of the new levels (Level 14 - "Buttonholed" and Level 20 - "Ack Ack Gunner"), plus once again a big thanks to fellow Wolfer Andynonymous for putting the SDL  version together, and making numerous changes for me along the way so that the game plays as it should. I'd also like to thank MCS, for it was his source code that made not only the original game itself, but made the SDL version
possible. And I'd like to thank BrotherTank, for he too helped with the original coding.

Don't forget the new levels have a new "feature" ...
all secret pushwalls are "marked" in some way.
If you're like me, you would on occasion get annoyed with the amount of time spent scanning every wall in a level just looking for a pushwall. Not necessary in the new mapset! Even the nazis got lost trying to find their pushwalls, so this time around they made sure it was easier. Often they'd mark a pushwall with a skull on the ground next to it, or perhaps a different coloured ceiling light, or some other object that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the things in the area. Or it could just be a picture on a wall that marks the secret pushwall. So if you're observant as you play, you should be able to pick all pushwalls without having to check every length of wall in a level!!

This all new version of Spear Resurrection is available
here. I hope you find it to be a worthy way
of marking the old game's 10th anniversary :)

Have fun, don't get killed too often, and as always, keep on Wolfing! :).

AReyeP, MCS & BrotherTank

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