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Welcome to the Wolfenstein 3D Texture Library!

Working on your own Wolfenstein 3D project? Don't want to use those same old original Wolfenstein
graphics? Perhaps you're thinking of making a "Total Conversion", but of course that means replacing
every graphic image in the game (as well as sounds, music etc) - definitely time consuming! Well
then, maybe the Wolfenstein 3D Texture Library could be the place for you! Choose from a selection of
pre made original graphics, or read up on some tips to help you create your own. Hopefully, it'll help to
put an end to any "copyright blues" you may experience through using the original Wolf 3D graphics!!!

If you're after ready made images, then you'll find plenty to choose from in the Texture Library. Feel free
to use them in your own game - all we ask in return is that, should you decide to use or modify them, that
you mention this Texture Library, and our website (www.areyep.com), somewhere in your game credits.
Perhaps, though, you'd like to make some new textures of your own? Although the Texture Library isn't going
to solve all your graphic editing problems, it will hopefully provide you with some useful tips in relation
to creating your own new textures for Wolfenstein 3D.

And, in case you're ever asked this question:
"Why make mods for an old game like Wolfenstein 3D?"
Well, there's an endless sea of add ons for Doom, Quake etc.
But Wolfenstein 3D was released before there was a recognised "mod scene".
Can you blame us for wanting to breathe some life into the classic that started it all?

Click on the desired link below to take you to the section you wish to check out.

Bricks 'n' Mortar
Metallic Textures
Title Screen Creation
Wall Decorations
Other Sources
Floor & Ceiling Textures
Wall Textures
Spear Resurrection wall tiles
Spear Resurrection sprites
Brown dog
White Guard
Mutant SS
Brown Jacketed guard
Various odds and ends

Yes, more sections coming soon! Stay tuned!
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