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Ahh yes, Wolfenstein 3D. An old game now, I realise, but an absolute classic! This game was responsible
for my interest in computers. Hard to believe that, before Wolfenstein, computers bored me!!!

What is Wolfenstein 3D? Well, this would probably only be asked by those who are new to the Internet/computers/computer gaming etc, so I'll explain as "briefly" as possible:

Wolfenstein 3D was a game released back in 1992 by a then little known software company named
"id software" (I can still remember id software advising people at the end of the game to watch out for
more exciting games from them. Well, they delivered the goods, following on in 1993 with the
classic "Doom", then in 1996 with "Quake", and, well, the rest is history I guess). With Wolfenstein 3D,
id software defined the 3D action gaming scene as we know it today.

Wolfenstein 3D was revolutionary at the time, providing the computer gaming world with the first true
smooth scrolling, first person perspective, action oriented game. You, as the player, take on the role
of "B. J. Blazkowicz", a prisoner of war held by the nazis in
Castle Wolfenstein, a high security fortress.

Your mission - to escape! Well, that was just the first episode, which contained 10 great 3D action packed levels. You can download this episode if you'd like to give this classic game a try - just click
on the download area to the right...

There were 6 full episodes in the full version of Wolfenstein 3D - even one in which you had to take on
Adolf himself! Although the A.I. (artificial intelligence) may not have been on a par with today's more sophisticated 3D games, enemies still act quite "cleverly" in their pursuit of you, the gameplayer.

The game runs like a charm on almost anything from an old 386 computer, right up to the newer Pentium 3
and Athlon computers. And sure, if you've been spoiled by the likes of 3D accelerated Quake 3 Arena
running at 1280 x 1024 resolution, then you may wonder why you should even bother looking at
Wolfenstein 3D. Well, perhaps this quote from the editorial of the December 2000 issue of the
Australian gaming magazine PC Powerplay will best explain why you should give it a try:

"With Wolfenstein 3D's release, id Software's remarkable achievement was to irreversibly alter an entire industry. It was the original firstperson shooter - the game genre that has since become synonymous with
the PC. It proved that a 3D world was a feasible environment for a realtime action game. And, of
course, it demonstrated the coding genius of John Carmack. Indeed, so great is Wolfenstein 3D's legacy,
can you imagine another title that could generate as much fevered anticipation at the announcement of its sequel some 8 years later? I certainly don't envy the task id and Gray Matter have
set themselves with Return to Castle Wolfenstein."

Although "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", released in November 2001, is touted as the "sequel" to
Wolfenstein 3D, there was in fact an earlier sequel, titled "Spear of Destiny", which was released in late 1992. Although almost identical to the original Wolfenstein in many ways, it had a surprise ending that no true Wolf fan will ever forget! Download the demo version of "Spear of Destiny" by clicking on the area just below...

So, if you've never ever tried the original Wolfenstein, give it a go! Unlike a lot of newer 3D action games,
it doesn't try to take itself too seriously, and excels at what it was designed to do - be fun!

Please Note: This site does not make the full versions of these games available for download. These
games are still copyright id software, and distribution of them is considered illegal. Should id ever
decide to release these titles as "freeware", then, and only then, will we post them here.
Download original Wolfenstein 3D (shareware version
- 1 full episode)
Download the Spear of Destiny
Download Wolf 3D shareware
Download Spear of Destiny demo
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