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Floor and Ceiling Textures

Below you'll find a large selection of floor and ceiling textures I made (or in a few cases modified from
other games) while we were working on "Spear End of Destiny". With mods these days often using floor and
ceiling textures thanks to the coding work of Wolfers like "Ripper" and "Darkone", hopefully these will be a
handy resource for anyone wishing to save a little time when making their own mod. Please bear in mind
that many of these images were rejected by myself because in my humble opinion they just didn't look good
enough in game despite showing potential as a stand alone image, but perhaps they may still be of use
to someone or at least provide ideas for something new. Please bear in mind also that some of the
textures displayed use the palette we used in End of Destiny - as such you'll have to convert them to the
original Wolfenstein 3D palette (unless of course you decide to use the End of Destiny palette
itself -
click here to download the palette file). All images have been designed to match both edge
to edge and top to bottom for tiling purposes.

To download an image (in gif format), just right click on the image you want and select the save picture option.

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