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Bricks 'n' Mortar

Making a decent brick type texture for Wolfenstein 3D is perhaps one of the easiest things of all to do!
All you need to do is choose a nice texture that you'd like to use for the brick face, or perhaps you can even
create your own texture if you wish.

As an example, let's say we'd like to use the blue texture from Spear of Destiny as a base for a new
brick type texture. We could use a paint program to change this blue texture to whatever colour we'd
like to use for our bricks, such as red, brown, grey or whatever; so long as it uses the Wolfenstein palette,
it'll be fine. For the purpose of this exercise, however, we'll leave it as blue. The texture below
is the one we're talking about:

To make a brick texture, I use my own collection of "mortar templates", which are simple 64x64 pixel sized
images that comprise of only the mortar that goes between the bricks. These essentially create the brick
pattern that is going to be used. Below is an image giving an idea of a basic "mortar template"
which I would use for a simple brick texture:

Now that may just look like simple grey lines on a white background, but those grey lines are shaded
so that the bricks in the finished texture will appear to have "shadows". Not only that, but using Paint
Shop Pro, the white background is actually "transparent", meaning that if I copy and paste the above
image in to another image, only the grey "mortar" lines are copied and pasted. As *.gif images don't
support transparency, I have to save the "mortar template" in Paint Shop Pro's own *.psp format.

OK, now to make our simple brick texture, I simply copy the "mortar template" image, and paste it
on to the blue background from Spear of Destiny. The result would look like this:

Once this is done, I then copy the 64x64 pixel part of the image with the "mortar", and paste it as a
seperate 64x64 image. This is what the result would look like:

Now that may look acceptable as is, but there's one more step I like to take to give the brick texture
a bit of "depth". Quite simply, all I do is apply a lighter colour blue to the top/left sides of each "brick", a mid
blue texture to the top right/bottom left corner of each brick, and a darker blue texture to the bottom/right
sides of each brick. In other words;


would become this:

By doing this with every "brick" in the image, the final result would look like this:

Not too bad for something that's been banged together in a few minutes! However, there is one more
thing to consider, and that is how the textures will align in the game. For this to happen, the textures on
the "half bricks" at the left and right sides of the image will have to align with each other. To check they do,
try creating an image that measures 128 x 64 pixels, then copy and paste your new brick texture into the left
and right sides of this image, so that you have a 128 x 64 brick texture. If there are no obvious "join" lines
running down the centre of the image, then you're OK. If this isn't the case, fixing it is simple. Just copy a
rectangle the same size as one of the brick "faces" from the blue "base" image, and paste the left half of it
over the half "bricks" on the right side of the image, and vice versa with the other side of the image.
Sound confusing? Well, all I'm trying to explain is the method I use to ensure proper texture alignment,
as otherwise the image just won't look right when you're viewing walls in your game.

Want some "mortar templates" to create your own brick textures with? Here are a few that you may
find to be useful. Just right click on the image and select "save picture as" from the menu that pops up if you
wish to download the gif file. All you'll have to do then is paste some nice texturing over the white background.
Or, if you have Paint Shop Pro, click on the orange subtitles below each image to download the corresponding
*.psp file that has a transparent background, meaning that all you'll have to do is paste the image over a
nice texture and follow the basic instructions as outlined above to create a great looking texture!

Standard brick          Standard brick arch               Large brick            Large brick (light mortar)

Stonework 1                Stonework 2

Those templates were created for use with "Spear Resurrection", and were used to create many of the
brick type textures in the game. Of course, you can be completely original if you wish and make your own
brickwork "mortar template" patterns instead of using those above, after all, there's nothing quite like
originality! You can also change the colour of the "mortar" in the templates to suit your own tastes.
There are seemingly endless possibilities!

Perhaps you'd like to save even more time and use pre made brick textures? Below are a sample of
textures made with the above templates. Most of these textures were used in "Spear Resurrection".
The images can be used as is, or using your favourite paint program, you can change their colours,
or cut and copy bits of them from one into another. Feel free to use them as you wish, all we ask in
return is that if you do decide to use or modify them for use in any way, that you make mention of the
Texture Library here at www.areyep.com somewhere in your game/add on's documentation.

To download the image above in gif format (ideal for inserting images in the vswap with "Wolfedit"), right click on the image and select "save picture as" from the menu that pops up. To download the images in bmp
format (ideal for inserting images in the vswap with "Floedit"), just
click here! All the images use the Wolfenstein palette, so insertion into the vswap should be a straight forward operation.

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